WPP In-house Education

Our in House education series covers more than just your basic “education”. Mindset, skill set, and actions, are the goal.

Mindset: This series covers how to think like a successful agent and talk about the practices that create healthy and life meaningful habits on the way to becoming successful. Being you is one of my favorite sections to teach. It focuses on who you are and how to build a business around you and your life. As individuals ourselves we believe that your unique perspective and personality brings an important piece to the process. Our process is relationship based built on who you are for a long term life fulfilling result.

Skillset: This series brings with it the 10 step buyer process and the 21 step listing process that we customize to your style and personal presence. Actions cover how to do the business you have endeavored to own from your Monday Morning Agenda to your Business tracker and Expense worksheet. Are you running your Business like a Business? If not you will be. We business plan every year and discuss what’s working and what’s not as well as what goals you have set for yourself and your life. Our job as managers is to help you achieve your goals.

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