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What are brokers saying about working at WPP?

One of the challenges of Windermere Professional Partners is trying to explain the unique culture to people who haven’t worked here. “We share whatever we’ve got” says Ed Aro of Windermere Builder’s Choice in Gig Harbor,”And the agents who are willing to go after is are the ones that are successful.”

A culture like this doesn’t develop overnight. We are constantly working to improve the quality of life for our agents, employees, and clients. This makes all the difference as agents create their systems and build their businesses. “Now I have the ability to continue building my business and helping my clients,” says Jasmyn Jefferson of WPP 19th Street. “My capacity for my clients has increased tremendously.

“The goal that they have for us is to enjoy real estate and treat it as a profession and not have it run our lives.” says Shu Hsu of WPP North. “That’s why they have a staff that does so much to support us.”

“We are open to new technology and open to embracing new ideas and trying new things and being leaders on the forefront of technology and I think that gives us a competitive edge.”
“We’ve created a culture where we all help each other and it makes us better as agents.

Windermere Professional Partners Formal Statement

Windermere Professional Partners is the leading company related to reputation, professionalism, & performance. We make the business better, help people reach their dreams, and change lives.
Windermere Professional Partners brings people together to buy and sell real estate,
providing experienced guidance so that everyone involved can succeed. We safeguard each decision with the intelligent collaboration of our region’s leading professionals.
Windermere Professional Partners combines personal magnetism with strong values. We are: enthusiastic, KNOWLEDGEABLE, disciplined, thoughtful, & dynamic. We are AUTHENTIC. We are LEADERS.
Windermere Professional Partners is a fun, lively work environment that supports business success and personal satisfaction. We collaborate and co-educate, openly share resources, engage in good-natured competition, and go out of our way to help each other thrive. Everyone has a voice in solving problems and generating ideas. We are an inclusive & diverse community. When an individual succeeds, the whole group celebrates. We speak respectfully of each other and our clients, holding to the same standards in public and in private. We exceed expectations.
At Windermere Professional Partners we recognize that every individual’s actions will shape our collective reputation. We behave ethically IN ALL situations, confident that this path leads to both profit & integrity. Driven by a desire to get better, we craft tailored business plans to guide efficient work, allow careful evaluation, and support improvement. We stay ahead of industry trends and apply the best of technology, communication, and human resources to our work. We are self- motivated, yet we share knowledge openly and encourage each other to grow. We measure SUCCESS based on individual goals that balance our professional and personal lives.
At Windermere Professional Partners we understand that every real estate transaction represents an important personal and financial transition for the people involved— often touching on some of the biggest decisions of a lifetime. We give each customer our full attention, combining strong ethical values and effective business practices to make the process as QUICK AND STRESS-FREE as possible. Our consistent behavior earns each customer’s trust.

Top 5 Services According to WPP Brokers

File Management 66%
Technical Support 63%
WPP Company Culture 54%
Statistical Tools 46%
Weekly Trainings 41%

What Our Agents Are Saying

“I have not looked back since coming from another firm. This has been the best business decision I’ve made since getting my license. Now I have the ability to continue building my business and helping my clients. My capacity for my clients has increased tremendously.”
“They’re committed to excellence and to serving their clients in the most effective way possible. Serving our clients comes before anything else. Windermere Professional Partners lives that daily.

I was totally against the open concept [office]. Now that we’re in it, the collaboration of our team is amazing. The ability to collaborate and interact with the other agents inside and outside of our team really enhances our ability to perform.”

“What really led me back [to Windermere Professional Partners] was the people, the agents… and Fenny. The people here… how they interact with one another is important. It makes you feel like you’re not a bother. It’s a wealth of knowledge that you have as a resource that you don’t have at other brokerages.

Whenever you ask the staff to help they do more than what is expected. They are there to help. Even if I feel lost there is a direction I can go where I can get help. I don’t have to call a help desk. Sometimes you don’t need help, you just need another opinion and it’s nice that you can just walk down the hall and do that at WPP. There is a wealthy of knowledge here that you have as a resource.

What I like about the office is that I feel welcomed by everyone. It’s plug and play- if you need something you can just go into any of the offices. It’s a very open environment and it starts at the top.”

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