What does it mean to be a professional?

Not just in Real Estate, but in any Profession?

I believe it is the commitment to their expertise. In today’s business environment it is no longer ok to be “good enough” because those are the first businesses to be replaced, outsourced or undercut by price driven business models. We are seeing this happen in healthcare, travel, auto sales, and virtually any other business you can think of…including Real Estate.

The introduction of Solopro.com is a great example. If you’ve never heard of this company they are offering real estate services “ala carte.” You can schedule a home showing for as little as $50, or have an inspection reviewed and completed for $100. Still not concerned? Lowes Home Improvement has put their money behind this particular company and is banking on DIYers wanting to do their own real estate as well. Realtors that ignore these trends, do so at their own peril.

Professionals differentiate themselves from others in their industry by continuously adding more value to their customers and clients. Then they are able to clearly articulate this value in a clear and concise manner without sounding defensive. This is possible because the professional has spent hours defining who they are and what they bring to the marketplace — and how they rate compared to the competition.

Another thing to consider is the environment that you practice in. Do the people around you have the same commitment and passion that you do? How is that commitment illustrated? How does that environment make you and your business better? These are all important questions that a professional must consider. To me, being a Professional is taking the trust that our customers have in us and working every single day to make sure that we are providing the absolute best in support, business planning, and marketing so that our end consumers have the ultimate experience.

WhyWindermere.com contains an overview of all the tools and services we provide at Windermere Professional Partners. Our goal is to make our agents look great in front of their customers and to help them perform like the professional Realtors they are! One great example of this is WindermerePC.com, which was developed to showcase our agents’ videos and blogs, and help showcase them as neighborhood experts.

In writing this, I reached out to one of the REALTORS® in our office to see if I was on the right track. They added this comment:

“What I love the most is that the people that I work with here push me to do better every day. It’s competitive, but in a different way, we compete to make each other better.”

That kind of commitment is how a professional is not only able to survive in this “New Business Market” we are in, but excel.

Life and Business is moving at a pace faster than ever before. Are you doing everything you can to stay at the front with the leaders in your industry? Are you taking the time to work “on your business” and not just “in it”? Professionals make the time to take a wide look at the business, and the 4th quarter is a great time to do just that. Those that take the time to confirm they are taking advantage of all the value added products and services available to them will further differentiate themselves from those in the market place that are trying to replace us.

Once we are able to articulate the value of what we do as professionals, the real winner is the customer, which is the best result possible.


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