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WPP focuses on the agent customer – then trains its agents to focus on the needs of their customers.

Full Support For Our Brokers

At Windermere Professional Partners, we have a client first mentality. From owners to managers to staff- WPP focusses on how to improve the lives of our agent customers. From human resources and in house accounting to a full time managing broker at every office- our commitment to full support is visible at every turn.

By focussing on fully supporting our agents, we free them up to provide the same high level of care and attention to their own clients. Our staff are available to support each agent at whatever level they require. The variety of support options from file management to full service online listing marketing is unmatched in the industry.

WPP Services

Windermere Professional Partners is committed to providing the highest level of service and support to its agents. This is more than just words- our support programs are constantly changing and evolving to more effectively meet the needs of our agent customers. With their help and feedback we have refined our file management, online marketing program, and sphere of influence marketing programs to fully meet the needs of busy professional agents.

“Our staff is unbeatable, completely above and beyond anything I could have ever expected to find.”
“They really do invest in their agents… making sure that I’m learning and I have all the tools that I need makes me want to work that much harder…. because when one person wins we all win.”

Why Choose Windermere Professional Partners?

  • Fully trained, professional staff support.
  • A commitment to being on top of the latest technology advances.
  • Services and programs to support agents and grow their business.
  • Full time managers at each branch committed to their agents success.
  • A friendly, professional, collaborative environment to support agents in creating their ideal business.

What Our Agents Say

Until you experience what it’s like to be properly staffed you don’t know what you’re missing.
Jasmyn Jefferson, WPP South 19th Street
“I needed somebody to go to to ask questions, you know? I need help with things. I appreciate that there are resources here and the managers & the ownership are willing to learn how to do these things so that I can implement them in my business.”
Whenever you ask the staff for help they do more than what is expected. They are there to help. Even if I feel lost there is a direction I can go where I can get help. I don’t have to call a help desk.

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