So you joined a real estate company… What happens next?!

Have you ever wondered what happens after you join a real estate company like Windermere Professional Partners? Our onboarding program walks you through the real estate business from the ground up. We believe in being one company with multiple locations to support our agents across Pierce County. Understanding everyone learns at their own pace and [...]

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My Thoughts on Genuine Hustle – Tacoma

Genuine Hustle was created by Stacie Staub of Live Urban in Denver Colorado. I am not a good enough writer to come up with all the superlatives that she deserves for everything she has done for her firm and our industry. People like Stacie make us all better. On her initial Hustle event, she invited [...]

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Signing Checks, Planning for Retirement and Free Money!

Today I signed many WPP commission checks for our brokers and I always enjoy that. However another document crossed my desk today that I enjoy seeing even more. Today I signed a WPP Broker's registration form to the Windermere Retirement Program. This plan has been available to agents since sometime around when I started with [...]

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What does it mean to be a professional?

Not just in Real Estate, but in any Profession? I believe it is the commitment to their expertise. In today’s business environment it is no longer ok to be “good enough” because those are the first businesses to be replaced, outsourced or undercut by price driven business models. We are seeing this happen in healthcare, [...]

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A note from WPP Owner Michael Robinson

As one of the founders of Professional Partners I enjoy seeing our brokers benefiting from some of the original philosophies we built the company around. Back in 2001 I had already been a Windermere guy for 8 years and understood the value of associating with the great brand that it is because of the commitment [...]

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WPP In-house Education

Our in House education series covers more than just your basic "education". Mindset, skill set, and actions, are the goal. Mindset: This series covers how to think like a successful agent and talk about the practices that create healthy and life meaningful habits on the way to becoming successful. Being you is one of my [...]

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