My Thoughts on Genuine Hustle – Tacoma

Genuine Hustle was created by Stacie Staub of Live Urban in Denver Colorado. I am not a good enough writer to come up with all the superlatives that she deserves for everything she has done for her firm and our industry. People like Stacie make us all better.

On her initial Hustle event, she invited Anne Jones and Marguerite Giguere as speakers for the event. They were so inspired and excited by the event, they decided to do one in our great city of Tacoma. The results were not what I expected.

This was my first Genuine Hustle event, and I had been to other popular educational events like the Association of Realtors regional and national events, along with Inman. Genuine Hustle was different. As one of the other attendees pointed out there were no vendors in the hallway, just other Real Estate professionals like myself. The lack of distraction allowed each of us to have more intimate conversations. Like the other events, the room was filled with professionals from other cities and other brands, a wide representation of our industry, which in itself is so refreshing. And I have to say there are always the ones I look forward to seeing at these events, and you all know who you are. ?

 What I didn’t expect is the raw emotion that I felt. The fact that there are only 150 attendees at the event is one reason I use the word intimate. Another reason is that along with some thought provoking business ideas and guidance, many of the speakers were not sharing WHAT they were doing and how it has led to their success, but WHY they were doing it. I feel it safe to say there was not one person in that room that did not feel the vulnerability and raw emotion coming from that stage. Rarely have I felt something so powerful at any other seminar series.

 I write this to make a point. Individuals in whatever industry they are in can make a difference in their communities. Stacie, Anne, and Marguerite have shown us it is possible, along with every speaker that was on their stage. I don’t think that I am alone in feeling a need to do more in our communities, to look for opportunities to be part of something I am passionate about. If these women can have this effect with two events, just think of what all of us could do together?

– Kevin

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    Well said kevin!!

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