Improved Quality Of Life

The number one reason most of us get into real estate is to gain control of our income and stop working for someone else. I was no different. As a single mom it has always been important for me to try and stay active and involved with my daughters education and activities. The ability to have control over my own schedule was very alluring.

For years I worked a demanding full time schedule working with both buyers and sellers, and I was able to do the things I wanted with my daughter and be there for all of her special moments. What I failed to do for many years, was to take time to re-charge myself. Being a parent is hard enough, through all the pressures of having your own business on top of that and things can get pretty stressful.

After nearly 9 years working this way, a chain of events occurred that led me to doing something I said I would never do.. I switched real estate firms! This was a big deal in my life and for my career. I was at a crossroads and trying to decide how I wanted my business to grow, WPP seemed like a great fit for the vision I had for myself so I jumped in.

As a seasoned broker I still went through the same on-boarding process as a newbie, I met with my managing broker and reviewed my productivity and did some goal setting. During one of those meetings my manager looked at me and asked when I had planned on taking my vacation. I’m pretty sure he got a deer in the head lights stare! I was thinking, “A what?” then I had to admit to him that I didn’t have on planned.. And I had not taken one since before I started in real estate! Wow! Actually saying that out loud hit me like a ton of bricks and from that moment I set a goal to take a break for myself.

This coaching and goal setting along with learning the way WPP was set up, I set out to take full advantage of the tools set in place to work towards this shiny new idea! A Vacation!

I quickly transitioned into using file management and soon was on a road trip solo to beautiful Cannon Beach OR! Doesn’t sound like much right? Believe me when I tell you it was magical and only the beginning.. Once I got into my groove and got to know the other brokers in our office I felt comfortable knowing that I could leave my clients in good hands to cover me while I was gone. Originally I had planned on hiring an assistant to help with my work load, but looking at the cost of that vs. using the tools left me seeing quickly that I did not need an assistant, I could be a good mom, go on vacation, and make more money.

My income has literally doubled and then some, I’ve been to Hawaii twice, Costa Rica, Las Vegas a few times, Washington DC a couple of times, and several other wonderful places all in the matter of 3 years. Destination hiking is wonderful! This new found freedom has left me feeling more relaxed and focused when I am at work and my daughter enjoys the annual holiday vacation we have been taking every November. To say that the quality of life for she and I has improved is an understatement and I still have not hired an assistant.

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