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Our Commitment to Community

For Windermere Professional Partners, giving back to the communities our REALTORS® live and work in is a top priority. Throughout the years, we’ve contributed to and supported several local organizations, giving both our time and money.

Local Organizations We Are Proud To Support

<b>Angel Wings Foundation</b>
Angel Wings Foundation
We want to spread love, compassion and hope to local families when they need it the most and expect it the least. We support individuals and families who have recently experienced life changing events. Angel Wings has a genuine goal of being able to help those who are “in the middle”. They may not qualify for assistance or be looking for it, but could use some hope. Angel Wings Foundation receives all financial support through donations.
<b>Changing Rein</b>
Changing Rein
At Changing Rein, we know that connecting with a horse requires learning the relationship skills we all need to be successful in life. Grooming, leading and interactive activities on the ground each students how to partner with our horses. But first, there must be a sense of mutual trust for both parties to feel safe. We show our students to be aware of how sensitive horses are to our energy and our body language. At CREAAT, our focus has shifted more toward supporting children and teens who have faced challenging starts in life and on-going difficulties and adults with mental health needs.
<b>Multicultural Child & Family Hope Center</b>
Multicultural Child & Family Hope Center
Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center (MCFHC) is a non-profit human services agency. Our mission is to provide culturally relevant support services to children and families through daycare, ECEAP, and DSHS contracted services. A positive relationship between teacher and student is an important factor in the social, emotional and academic development of a child. Our center strives to ensure this balance.
<b>My Sisters Pantry</b>
My Sisters Pantry
Since opening its doors to the community in 1999, My Sister’s Pantry has become one of the busiest food banks in the Tacoma area. The Pantry serves an average of 350 families per month and annually distributes approximately 125,000 pounds of food. Open three times a month, the caring food bank also provides substantial hot meal, served on tablecloths with metal cutlery and china. Fall and winter months are colder, wetter, holiday laden and, for many, depressing. The Pantry becomes a haven for fellowship, warmth and caring. Evening and Saturday openings mean minimum-wage-earning families can come without disrupting their work schedules.
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