A note from WPP Owner Michael Robinson

As one of the founders of Professional Partners I enjoy seeing our brokers benefiting from some of the original philosophies we built the company around. Back in 2001 I had already been a Windermere guy for 8 years and understood the value of associating with the great brand that it is because of the commitment to quality service and giving back to the community. However back then we also wanted more at the brokerage level, a place to work that believes in treating the real estate business like a business not a hobby. A firm with a culture of entrepreneurship that recognizes the accountability of each broker as a small business while providing business planning and leadership at many levels that allowed individual broker businesses to define their individual goals. A firm that supports the idea of Real Estate being a numbers based business that is relationship driven. That was a bit of an outlying concept at the time, and while it has proven to work, what was really unique then and even more fundamental to who we are today, is the thriving spirit of collaboration & teamwork. I am very proud of value statements we created back then that still read true today, perhaps maybe more than ever.

When talking about the company with friends they sometimes remark what an amazing company I have built and I have to stop them. For a long time WPP has been bigger than me, it is about the people. That is where the great ideas come from, the energy, the pace, the belief in what is possible. Through sharing our successes and supporting each other in pursuit of quality of life goals the company has grown to what it is as a market leader. If I did anything right it was simply the act of surrounding myself with great people that “get the culture” and share the vision of being the best!

Today I still primarily maintain a vibrant real estate practice representing buyers and sellers. I frequently find myself meeting with WPP associates to discuss market and business topics in the roll of colleague or maybe mentor. Mostly, as an owner rather than working in day to day operational issues, I provide guidance at more like the 20,000 foot level because I implicitly trust the company culture to continue our path. We have leaders throughout the company that care and inspire all of us to do and be better each day!

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